mardi 28 novembre 2006

Tapo Ratna. A jain Sadhvi.

Tapo Ratna has been a Jain Sadhu for the past 9 years. She is 32 years old. She is part of the "Svetambara" order, a very strict one. She is holding the "Rajurharan" in her hand, the symbol of that order. I met them in Mysore and spend a day walking with them on january first from Mysore to Brindavan..
On this image, you can see all her belongings next to her. The red bowl is called a "Patra". They can't use cars, buses, electricity, light..... etc.. They dress in white cloth.

They cut their hair, twice a year, pulling them by hand since they are not allowed to use scissors. From what she stold me, it's mainly to avoid being attractive...